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Non-league network creates a link between players and clubs to ensure that the communication process between them is as easy as possible.

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How do I Register?

Click on the Join Now link on the main menu and fill in the registration form. Our website has been built with you in mind and is quick and easy to register and further detail can be added later in your player profile area.

Once I'm registered what happens next?

You complete your player profile and playing history and add photos and video links to your page. This enables clubs to find you through the search engine they have access to and following FA rules, dependent on your contract status, they can contact you through your details provided or liaise with your football club. Alternatively, if you are seeking to find a club, contact details of all clubs playing in the FA’s cup competitions (FA Cup, FA Trophy & FA Vase) are provided by Non-League Network.

Is Non-League Network an agency for non-league football?

Non-League Network is not a football agency. It is a platform for connecting players and clubs, providing both with the opportunity to find each other.

Why do we ask for County FA on the log in?

Each non-league club is attached to a County FA and by selecting this it allows you to identify clubs in your area and clubs to identify players within a reasonable travel distance. Most FA’s are based upon the County the club is based in, however, Yorkshire for example is split in to North, West, East Riding and Sheffield and Hallamshire.

How to set your profile avatar

Like so many other systems, this website uses Gravatar for player avatars.

If you’d like to set up a custom profile image (recommended) you can do so by creating a free account with Gravatar. It works by matching up a hashed version of your email address, so use the same email address there as you do here.

How do I upload photos to my profile

At the bottom of your edit profile page, you will have 8 square boxes, which means you have 8 spaces for photos. Simply click on the “Upload Photos” button. Select your image then click on the “Update Details” button.

You can also select multiple images to upload, but please make sure it is no more than 2MB.

How old do I have to be before I can join NLN?

Minimum age for registration is 16 years old. As a number of non-league clubs run u19, u21 and reserve sides as well as their first teams, creating a number of opportunities to become involved at this level.

Can football clubs contact me when I'm already signed with another club?

Clubs cannot contact you unless you are a free agent, without making contact with your current club. No contact can be made directly with contracted players, all correspondence must go through the players club. If you are not on contract, a 7 day notice of intent to speak to you must be served to your club before an official can speak with you, unless your club are prepared to waive the 7 day notice. If clubs do contact you without contact with your club as set out above they are in breach of FA rules (see below).

Transfers of a Contract Player whilst under Contract

During the currency of a contract of a Contract Player the transfer of his registration from Transferor Club to a Transferee Club must be by writing on the prescribed form in which shall be set out full particulars of all financial and other arrangements agreed between the Transferor Club and the Transferee Club and which shall be signed by a properly authorised Official of each of the two Clubs concerned and forwarded to The League for approval and registration together with a copy of the Contract of Service (as defined in Regulation 60.2) with the Transferee Club. The Transferee Club must comply with Regulation 47. Such Contract Player does not become a Registered Player of the Transferee Club seeking his transfer until the Club has received from The League a certificate of registration and will not be eligible to participate in matches until the date set out in the certificate, such date to be determined by The League in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 41. The registration of a Contract Player released by his Club or by the Board shall be automatically cancelled, without prejudice to the retention of compensation rights where permitted by these Regulations. In the case of a Player whose registration is cancelled for any reason whatsoever the Club must notify The League immediately in writing. It is the responsibility of the Club seeking the transfer of a Player to have satisfied itself as to the Player’s fitness.

Transfer of a Non Contract Player

Non Contract Player is transferred by cancelling his registration form and by re registration by his new Club. Any cancellation of a Non Contract Player’s registration must be notified to him in writing within seven days and The League similarly informed

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